The Dinner Guest

The Dinner Guest

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  • Author: Barbara Stavetski
  • SKU/ISBN: 978-1-59194-281-8
  • Year: 2013
  • Page count: 16
  • Reading level: 17-18 (415 words)
  • Weight: 0.1 lb
  • Availability: In stock
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Book Summary:  When Kendra and her family invite their neighbor for dinner, they have fun cooking for and entertaining her. Then Mrs. Soto surprises them with stories and a yummy treat of her own. Series Description: This book is part of the King School Series, Second Grade Collection, an affordable new set of 15 leveled books for second grade readers. Ideal for large group instruction, guided reading, one-on-one coaching, and independent reading, the Second Grade Collection is the perfect complement to any early reading program. A Common Core-aligned Teacher's Guide (available February 2013) offers detailed lesson plans and fun-filled activity sheets for every book in the Collection. Download a brochure for the King School Series.

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Key Features of the Second Grade Collection


Exceptionally appealing characters. 
Every book features at least one of the four main King School Kids, along with their friends and family. The Kids mirror the diversity of today’s classrooms, and your students will have no trouble finding characters with whom they can identify. Once they read just one book about their favorite characters, students will clamor for more!

Engaging stories and illustrations. 
Your students will be “hooked” by these vibrantly illustrated stories based on a variety of children’s interests and concerns. The engaging stories will keep your students eager to read, and the exuberant illustrations will grab their attention while enriching their understanding.

Careful leveling. 
At 16 pages long, these stories have been crafted to fit carefully defined leveling criteria for word count, diction, syntax, and text design. From one level to the next, the books advance steadily in difficulty, making the Second Grade Collection ideal for fluent, transitional readers. Students’ upward spiral of achievement will build their confidence and pleasure in reading.

New layout. 
To give students a more grown-up feeling, we have oriented the Second Grade Collection vertically, and the level 19–20 books are divided into chapters.

Common Core-aligned Teacher's Guide. 
Our acclaimed Teacher’s Guide has been redesigned to make it more teacher- and student-friendly than ever. The updated guide features activities that deepen students' enjoymemt of the books while strengthening their comprehension. Materials for each story include: detailed lesson plans, lively story check activities, and writing worksheets that prompt readers to compose their own text. Together, these resources satisfy an array of CCSS benchmarks for grades K-2.

Unbeatable price. 
Continuing its long-standing commitment to publishing quality books at truly affordable prices, Townsend Press is pleased to offer each title in the Second Grade Collection for the low price of just $2 per book!

Leveling Criteria and Grade Correlations for The King School Series,

Second Grade Collection (Levels 15–20)


The graphic below indicates the correlation between levels in the King School Series and grade / developmental levels. Information about the collection’s leveling criteria is also provided. This material will help you match students with books at exactly the right level and integrate the King School Series into your reading program. Easy-to-master books offer struggling readers the success they need to persevere; more demanding books offer strong readers the challenge they need to develop higher-level skills.

The carefully leveled books in the Second Grade Collection feature the following: word counts that advance incrementally from one level to the next; more sophisticated and varied sentence structure; high-level vocabulary words repeated in story; and text formatting that mirrors leveling progression.

Leveling Criteria and Grade Level Correlations

Download Samples


Click the links below to download PDF versions of sample books in The King School Series, Second Grade Collection. The sample books represent two distinct reading levels within the Collection. 

Sample 1: Early Second Grade: Back to School
    Word count: 281

    Download book

Sample 2: Late Second Grade: Circle of Kindness

    Word count: 568
    Download book

Second Grade Common Core Standards Fulfilled by the

King School Series Teacher’s Guide (Levels 15–20)


As you strive to meet the Common Core State Standards in your classroom, you will find a key ally in the King School Series and its Teacher’s Guide (TG). Offering a well-rounded treatment of the stories, our materials prompt students to use a variety of cognitive, verbal, reading, and writing skills along the way. Every story and its corresponding TG supplements cover most, if not all, of the standards listed below. The Instructional Sequence, which is further customized in every story’s Lesson Plan in the TG, references the below codes to demonstrate where and how the King School Series fulfills specific standards [1].

1. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) citations are coded as follows: The abbreviation of the instructional strand’s name; the grade level; and, finally, the standard. So the standard labeled “RL.2.3” indicates the “Reading: Literature” strand for second grade, standard number three, which is “Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.” For a complete listing of the CCSS, please visit