Basic Skills / ESL

Basic Skills / ESL

In the U.S., learning labs and workplace literacy programs turn to our materials to teach adult students basic skills. Abroad, programs in ten nations across four continents choose our texts and digital resources for their English Language students. We invite you to explore them and see why! Click a category below to learn more.

The Ten Steps Series is the leading sequence of books and digital offerings for a reason: It helps adult and English language learners build the reading skills they need for college and career success. Engaging, research-based, and affordable, the Ten Steps Reading Series and College Reading Essentials will help your students thrive in class and beyond.  And our comprehensive but flexible print and digital options fit any educational setting, including traditional classes, learning labs, and tutoring programs.

The acclaimed TP Vocabulary Series uses a words-in-context approach to teach students the words they need to know—for success in the classroom and beyond. With comprehensive print and digital options, we’ve got the right materials for today’s adult and English language learners.

Drawing from years of teaching experience, research-based strategies, and our famously clear pedagogy, this collection of print and digital materials teaches students the English and Writing skills needed for success in the classroom and the workplace. Our practical, user-friendly resources are the right choice for adult basic skill and English language learners.   

Reading is essential for improving language skills. Townsend Press created hundreds of compelling, low-priced paperbacks suited to adult students as well as English language learners. The Townsend Library includes high-interest fiction classics, history and biographies, remarkable personal stories, adventure and sports stories, science fiction, and contemporary nonfiction—now with 12 convenient, thematically-bundled collections.  In addition, we offer the popular Bluford Series, 23 connected novels focused on issues that appeal to readers of all ages. Looking for affordable books to get students reading? You found them! 

Few reading materials are available for adult basic literacy students. As a result, adults learning to read are often forced to do so using books created for children, resulting in feelings of frustration and embarrassment. Townsend Press aims to correct this problem by crafting books suited to adults who are learning how to read. City Stories is our first title with this goal in mind.