College Reading Essentials Plus Bundle

College Reading Essentials Plus Bundle

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  • Author: John Langan
  • SKU/ISBN: 978-1-59194-515-4
  • Year: 2018
  • Page count: 550
  • Reading level: 8-12
  • Weight: 1.75 lb
  • Availability: In stock
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College Reading Essentials Plus will help give your students the skills and practice needed to become better readers and stronger thinkers. This textbook and accompanying digital material offer clear instruction and systematic practice in seven essential skills, from reading grade levels 8 through 12. 


**NOTE: This bundled item includes BOTH a printed textbook and a 10-month digital subscription that is accessed in the Townsend Press Learning Center.**

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Key Features of College Reading Essentials (CRE) and College Reading Essentials Plus

• Standards Based Focus on Reading Foundations: Grounded in educational research and in common sense, CRE provides a clear, logical, and systematic sequence for strengthening reading and thinking skills.

• Effective Introductory Lessons: Each chapter begins with an engaging and concise lesson that teaches the skill at hand. Carefully crafted by acclaimed author-educator John Langan, every item in CRE is clear, interesting, and illustrative.

• Abundant Practice Leading to Mastery: Every lesson is followed by practice activities and then a series of five tests, each at a specific and precisely calibrated reading level, starting at grade level 8 and rising to grade level 12. Students receive extensive and systematic practice, gradually increasing in difficulty, until they achieve mastery of the skill.

• Integration of Skills: Along with practicing the seven skills individually, students learn to apply the skills together with a full series of combined-skills tests—25 in all, from grade levels 8 through 12. They become effective readers and thinkers through repeated practice in applying a combination of these fundamental skills.

• Items that Teach and Assess: CRE’s unrivaled editorial attention ensures that every item demonstrates and reinforces key skills so students learn them. The Instructor's Edition and the digital program provide helpful comments throughout to bolster students' learning. CRE will show you why countless educators and students say our materials are most accessible and student-friendly on the market. 

• Instructional Flexibility: CRE’s modular approach brings options to the classroom. Teachers can choose to target distinct skill areas or levels, a useful strategy for modular classrooms, bridge courses, or tutoring situations. Or instructors can work more broadly, using CRE as anchoring material for a reading class or learning lab. 

• Digital AND Print Options: CRE is available as a printed text or as a fully digital program. The digital version,College Reading Essentials Plus, includes an eBook of CRE and allows teachers to assign, manage, and score all the tests electronically. Students can work in two modes: (1) a class mode in which all students work on the same skill and level, or (2) an independent study mode in which they work individually at their own pace and skill level. Both modes provide immediate constructive feedback for each item. Click the Digital Options tab on this page for more details, or visit the Learning Center to try ouy this material.

View a sample chapter of the book.

About College Reading Essentials (CRE) and College Reading Essentials Plus

CRE is a powerful print or digital reading program that takes students' reading level from where it is to where it needs to be for college-level work. CRE provides targeted practice in these seven key reading skills:

1  Understanding vocabulary in context
 Recognizing main ideas

3  Identifying supporting details

4  Understanding transition words

5  Recognizing patterns of organization

 Making inferences

7  Evaluating arguments and logic 

Drawing from the pedagogy of the acclaimed Ten Steps Series, CRE features:

•  Unequaled clarity of reading instruction

•  Emphasis throughout on critical thinking

•  Engaging high-interest reading materials

•  Easily gradable tests and immediate feedback

•  Alignment with recognized readability standards (Flesch-Kincaid measurement and others)

•  Consistent instructional design (see Key Features)

Three Principles at Work in CRE:

Whether students use the book or the digital program (or both), the basic principles in College Reading Essentials are simple ones:

1. CRE focuses on seven skills widely proven to create stronger readers and thinkers.

2. Students master each skill gradually through ongoing practice on that skill. CRE provides such abundant practice. 

3. Students’ reading ability develops as they move from easier to more challenging materials. The book and digital program proceed in a sequential way in each chapter, moving from grade level 8 to grade level 12 mastery tests. 

Below is a snapshot of the Table of Contents of College Reading Essentials, an eBook of which is included in College Reading Essentials Plus. 

You may download Chapter 2 of College Reading Essentials here

Digital Options: College Reading Essentials Plus

College Reading Essentials Plus, the electronic version of College Reading Essentials, contains everything in the printed text—and more. Features include:

1  Digital versions of all CRE's Tests: Digital versions of all tests in each level and chapter in the book. Unlike print versions, these can be assigned, managed, and scored electronically.
2  Bonus Tests: Digital versions of the supplemental tests found in CRE's Instructor's Manual and Test Bank are included in CRE Plus. Again, these can be assigned, managed, and scored electronically.
3. CRE Plus—Independent Study: An individualized, self-guided program that uses adaptive technology, incentive "badges," and robust feedback & reporting so students can work on CRE's skills independently. See below for details.
4. Annotations and Feedback: CRE Plus provides detailed explanations for every item. Students receive immediate constructive feedback as they work through each skill. 
5. CRE eBook: A complete eBook of College Reading Essentials

About CRE Plus—Independent Study 

The centerpiece of CRE Plus—and what sets it apart from the text—is a unique capability called Independent Study. An alternative to a traditional class-based approach (which is also included), CRE Plus—Independent Study is an individualized adaptive mode that allows students to work on their own, at their own pace and schedule. Students begin at the most basic skill and level and progress to the most advanced. As they work, they earn encouraging achievement "badges" and can track their progress data in real time. The central graph shown here indicates students' level (10) and the skill they are currently completing (Patterns of Organization). It varies for each student and updates constrantly as they work in Independent Study. Robust reporting allows students and teachers to monitor and evaluate progress at any time. Group and class reports are also available.

Questions and Answers about College Reading Essentials and College Reading Essentials Plus


Do I need both the book and the digital program?

No. You can use the book alone, or you can use CRE Plus alone—or you can use both. The choice is yours.

NOTE: An annotated Instructor's Edition and an electronic (PDF) Instructor's Manual and Test Bank are available FREE with an order of 20 or more copies of the student text.


What kinds of classes is CRE meant for?

CRE's instructional approach provides flexibility and depth, making it suitable for a variety of contexts, including modular reading skill classes for students in grades 9 and up, bridge, lab, or brushup courses for incoming college students, developmental reading classes at the college level, and self-paced individualized tutoring/reading programs. 


What is the cost?

The book alone is $30; the digital program alone is $26; the book + digital program bundle is $36. (Site licenses and multiyear discounted pricing are available for schools. Contact us for details.)


Do I need to cover all the skills?

No. Each skill in CRE is self-contained. You can choose which skill area(s) you want students to work on.


How can I assess students’ needs?

Have students complete the  first test in each of the seven sections of CRE. You’ll quickly discover their skill strengths and weaknesses.

If your students are using the digital program for independent study, CRE Plus can do the assessing for you. Students will be guided from the most basic skill and level to the most advanced—at their own pace and on their own schedule. At the same time, student and class scores are available to you, the instructor.


What is the difference between the book and the digital version?

CRE Plus includes a complete eBook of College Reading Essentials—an electronic version of the entire printed book. In addition, technology provides some unique features to digital users. Teachers can assign, manage, and score all the tests electronically. Students receive immediate constructive feedback on each answer as they work through each skill. Teachers can choose either (1) class mode in which the entire class works on the same skill and level, or (2)independent study mode in which students work individually at their own pace and skill level.


How does CRE motivate students?

Because each test is easily gradable, you and your students know very quickly how they are doing with a given skill. Having a clear measure of performance and progress is a strong motivator for any student. The digital version further motivates students by providing instant feedback on each answer, by calling students by their first name, by awarding “badges” for clear improvement, and by offering evaluations and progress reports upon request.