Maria Cardenas: My Story

Maria Cardenas: My Story

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  • Author: Beth Johnson and Maria Cardenas
  • SKU/ISBN: 978-1-59194-418-8
  • Year: 2014
  • Page count: 58
  • Reading level: 6-8
  • Lexile Level: 710L
  • Availability: In stock


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 Note: This is a bilingual book! Each page

features text in English and Spanish.

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As a little girl, Maria Cardenas was a migrant worker, moving with her family from one filthy camp to another. When she was able to attend middle school, she sat frightened and silent in the back of the classroom.

At 17, Maria was a mother—abused, alone, and barely able to read.

Today Maria is an award-winning elementary school teacher. Every day, her students learn from her that they, too, can succeed when the world might say success is impossible.

This is Maria's story.