Bullying In Schools: What You Need to Know

Bullying In Schools: What You Need to Know

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  • Author: Paul Langan
  • SKU/ISBN: 1-59194-249-7
  • Year: 2011
  • Page count: 73
  • Reading level: 5-10
  • Lexile Level: 960L
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Bullying in Schools is a powerful and practical resource for students, parents, and educators. Respectful and empathetic, the book examines the problem of bullying and works to combat it. New material includes a timely essay about cyberbullying and an enhanced section focusing on internet safety. Suited to a wide range of instructional approaches, Bullying in Schools: What You Need to Know can serve as a class text or as a guidebook for individual students.

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About Bullying in Schools

1. A Student-Centered Approach.  Bullying in Schools is written to and for young people. The book invites students to analyze their past behavior in bullying and cyberbullying situations and to explore ways to deal effectively with bullying in the future.

2. Compelling True Stories.  The book includes stories about real students who have experienced bullying and cyberbullying. These accounts are vivid and engaging, allowing students to discuss personal feelings in the safe context of other people’s stories, rather than forcing students to share their own painful or embarrassing experiences.

3. Timely Material on Internet Safety and Cyberbullying. The new edition of Bullying in Schools includes a powerful essay about the dangers and consequences of cyberbullying. The book also provides students with strategies to combat this growing problem and to promote Internet safety.

4. Practical Strategies for Students.  Bullying in Schools includes steps to take for all students who encounter bullying, either online or in person. These steps are for everyone—bullies, their targets, and bystanders. Realistic, sensitive, and flexible, the strategies give students examples of positive behaviors they can use the next time they are in a bullying situation.

5. Engaging Individual and Classroom Activities.  Bullying in Schools includes a variety of activities students can work on either as a class, in small groups, or alone. Readings, discussion questions, writing assignments, and role-playing exercises deepen students’ understanding of the bullying experience while also reinforcing their reading, writing, and thinking skills.

6. Affordable Price.  To help reduce school violence, Townsend Press is making Bullying in Schools available at a non-profit price of just $2 each (plus shipping).