Townsend Library - eBook Subscription

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Townsend Library - eBook Subscription

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  • Author: Various
  • SKU/ISBN: 978-1-59194-614-4
  • Year: 2020
  • Page count: 8800
  • Reading level: 6 & up
  • Lexile Level: 550L-1230L
  • Availability: In stock


The Townsend Library is now available as a digital subscription! 

This 10-month subscription includes access to ebooks of all 107 titles in the Townsend LIbrary.   All ebooks are hosted in the Learning Center. Delivery takes place via email at the time of purchase and includes a 16-digit access code and instructions for use. 

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A complete set of all 107 ebooks in the Townsend Library. Titles include literary classics, compelling nonfiction, and a collection of motivational titles for today's readers. Looking to build or expand your classroom digital library? Look no further. 

Note: Townsend Library Classics have been carefully edited for clarity and readability. Click here for details about the editing process.


Here are sample chapters from a few Townsend Library titles.

• Bullying in Schools

• Dracula

• The Story of Blima

• Up From Slavery


It’s a proven fact: Strong reading skills are the best predictor of whether students will succeed in school. Students who read more become strong readers, and strong readers score higher on both classroom and standardized tests. They have larger vocabularies and a greater command of the language; they are, in short, better prepared to meet challenges in school and beyond.

Regular reading also opens students' hearts, developing their empathy by showing how others think, feel, and act. What’s the best way to encourage students to read more? Immerse them in books that truly speak to their interests and their lives. At Townsend Press, we know how to get students reading. Our widely acclaimed titles have helped millions discover (and rediscover) the pleasure and power of books. They can help your students, too.

The titles in the Townsend Library were carefully curated to engage readers. From lovingly-edited literary works, to high interest YA novels, to self-help titles and historical nonfiction, the Townsend Library offers something for readers of all ages. All titles feature leveling information (including Lexile levels) and teacher guides in the Learning Center to facilitate use of the books in classes. And at just $10 per student (less for school adoptions of 50 or more students), the Townsend Library digital subscription is a bargain. We hope you enjoy it. Happy reading! 

This digital item can be licensed or purchased in bulk for school- or district-wide use at a significant discount.  *Programs that directly serve students (not resellers or bookstores) and purchase 50 or more Bluford Series subscriptions qualify for reduced pricing. Email Townsend Press customer service at for more information.