Nibbles and the Crazy Science Experiment

Nibbles and the Crazy Science Experiment

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  • Author: Barbara Stavetski
  • SKU/ISBN: 1-59194-433-3
  • Year: 2014
  • Page count: 189
  • Reading level: 4-6
  • Lexile Level: 550L
  • Weight: 0.35 lb
  • Availability: In stock
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Coming soon - the first chapter of Nibbles and the Crazy Science Experiment!

About Nibbles and the Crazy Science Experiment

Buzzy Baxter really did it this time.  His latest antics in science class have gone haywire.  And now Nibbles, the fourth-grade hamster, can talk!  

Fearing Nibbles will be taken away by researchers, Buzzy tries to hide the hamster's new talent.  He gets help from his old friend, Jeff Woodhouse, and a new one, Cari Perez.  But the wise-cracking, trouble-making, country-music-singing hamster has different plans...

Join Buzzy, Nibbles and their crew as they try to dodge trouble—but end up in a whole heap of it!