Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e with English Plus

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Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e with English Plus

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  • Author: John Langan
  • SKU/ISBN: 978-1-59194-565-9
  • Year: 2019
  • Page count: 330
  • Reading level: 8-12
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The purpose of Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e is to help teach students, in a step-by-step way, the essential skills needed to think and write with clarity. Featuring expanded chapter content from the previous edition, the book also includes guidance on the writing process, common writing patterns, argumentation in writing, and information on writing a research paper. The last part of the text serves as a grammar and punctuation handbook, teaching students these critical skills that are part of good writing. Get a full brochure here.

Also available is a free introductory video lesson about the essence of clear thinking. See a brief trailer, or watch the full video here.

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    Key Features

    Emphasis on clear thinking. A basic truth at the heart of any thoughtful communication of ideas is that (1) a point is made and (2) that point is supported. Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e presents what students need to do to become better thinkers and writers. Here is what's covered in the book:

    • Part One focuses on the two basic steps in clear thinking and effective writing: making a point and supporting that point. When students understand the difference between point and support, they have the groundwork they need to think and write clearly. Part One also explains and illustrates the steps in the process of writing both paragraphs and essays. *Note: An instructional video that illustrates the book's basic principle of making and supporting a point is available as a resource for students.
    • Part Two introduces and provides practice in common writing patterns. In addition, students will learn how to research a topic. They will also be given a wide range of writing assignments to apply what they've learned.
    • Part Three features a complete grammar and punctuation handbook. Most handbook chapters begin with a short review to determine if students need to work on a particular skill. If they do, the chapter will teach them what they need to know and provide activities and tests so they can learn in the best possible way--through doing.

    Frequent practice. Abundant practice is essential to learning, so this book includes numerous writing activities: personal and objective paragraphs and essays as well as research topics.

    High interest level. Dull and unvaried practices and assignments work against learning. Students need to experience genuine interest in the practice materials they work through and a diversity of choices in the assignments they write. The book provides compelling content as well as a wide range of assignments.

    Ease of use. The logical sequence in the chapters--from clear explanation to example to practice to mastery test--helps make every aspect of writing easier to teach.

    Instructor's edition. An Instructor's Edition is identical to the student book except that it also provides answers to all the practices and tests as well as comments on selected answers. To request your copy, please email us at or call (888) 752-6410.

    Digital Options: Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e is also available as a digital program, English Plus. A subscription to English Plus provides access to:

    • An eBook of Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e
    • eBooks of our acclaimed grammar titles, English Essentials and English Essentials, Short Version, 2/e
    • More than 100 digital grammar exercises and tests
    • Twenty-five online tests offering practice in the basics of clear and logical thinking
    • Five reading selections, each with comprehension and discussion questions and writing assignments
    • A regularly updated collection of bonus readings that address topics of concern in our ever-changing world

    *Note: Students must have a paid subscription to access English Plus materials. Click here to learn more about subscription options, including discounted digital/textbook bundles.

    Changes in the Second Edition

    Digital Content. Assignments, exercises, tests, critical thinking activities, and writing assignments to accompany Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e are available to instructors and to students with a subscription to English Plus.

    Expanded Part Two. In this section, common writing patterns and practices are introduced. Students will learn how to research a topic and will be given a wide range of writing assignments to practice what they've learned.

    A new Part Three. This section features a complete grammar and punctuation handbook. Chapters begin with a short introduction of each skill and contain activities and tests to help reinforce students' knowledge of the skill.



    Table of Contents

    To the Instructor

    To the Student

    PART ONE The Basics of Clear Thinking and Writing

    1 An Introduction to Point and Support
    2 Point and Support in Paragraphs and Essays
    3 Understanding the Writing Process


    PART TWO Writing Patterns and Practice 

    4 Relationships in Writing
    5 More Relationships in Writing
    6 Argument in Writing
    7 Writing a Research Paper with Sources
    8 A Variety of Writing Assignments


    PART THREE A Handbook of Grammar, Punctuation, and Usage

    9 Subjects and Verbs
    10 Irregular Verbs
    11 Subject-Verb Agreement
    12 Sentence Types
    13 Fragments I
    14 Fragments II
    15 Run-Ons and Comma Splices I
    16 Run-Ons and Comma Splices II
    17 Commas
    18 Apostrophes
    19 Quotation Marks
    20 Homonyms
    21 Capital Letters
    22 Parallelism
    23 Preparing a Paper
    24 Punctuation Marks
    25 Pronoun Forms
    26 Pronoun Problems
    27 Adjectives and Adverbs
    28 Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
    29 Word Choice
    30 Numbers and Abbreviations
    31 More about Subjects and Verbs
    32 More about Subject-Verb Agreement
    33 More about Verbs: Tenses
    34 Even More about Verbs
    35 More about Run-Ons and Comma Splices
    36 More about Commas
    37 More about Apostrophes
    38 More about Quotation Marks
    39 More about Homonyms
    40 More about Capital Letters

    What's included in this English Plus 10-month subscription:


    NEW! Three eBooks:

    A subscription to English Plus provides access to eBooks of our acclaimed grammar titlesEnglish Essentials and English Essentials, Short Version, 2/e—and our newest English text: Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e (coming June 2019). These eBooks are accessed through our user-friendly Learning Center via a tablet, computer, or smartphone and students can annotate, bookmark, highlight, and mark up eBook pages.

    English Skills Assessments:

    Two tests of students' basic written English language skills are available. Easy to administer and directly aligned with the skills in our English Essentials textbooks, these tests can guide individual and class instruction. Our transparent, teacher-friendly score reports reveal exactly which items challenged students and which ones they've mastered.

    NEW! Added Practice in Grammar:

    English Plus includes four digital exercises and two tests for key skill chapters in the English Essentials textbooks. These digital exclusives serve to deepen and reinforce each skill presented in the text or eBooks. When used together with the book-based items, students will have ample practice with each skill.

    NEW! Additional Practice in Clear Thinking:

    Available May 2019, twenty-five progressive online tests on the basics of clear and logical thinking are included with this subscription to English Plus. These tests—250 point-support items in all—gradually increase in difficulty, enabling students to systematically strengthen their logical thinking skills.

    NEW! Bonus Readings:

    These five reading selections are additional practice items that do not appear in the textbook. They each come with comprehension and discussion questions and writing assignments. Available May 2019.