Vocabulary Plus - Student Access (e-mailed)

Vocabulary Plus - Student Access (e-mailed)

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  • Author: Eliza Comodromos, Janet M. Goldstein, Beth Johnson, Paul Langan, Judith Nadell, and Sherrie L. Nist
  • SKU/ISBN: 978-1-59194-436-2e
  • Year: 2014
  • Reading level: 5-13
  • Availability: In stock
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A 10-month subscription to Vocabulary PlusThe access code, delivered by email, enables students to view and complete online materials for these nine titles: Vocabulary BasicsGroundwork for a Better VocabularyBuilding Vocabulary SkillsImproving Vocabulary SkillsAdvancing Vocabulary SkillsMastering Vocabulary SkillsBuilding Vocabulary Skills, Short VersionImproving Vocabulary Skills, Short Version; and Advancing Vocabulary Skills, Short Version

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Vocabulary Plus is a powerful online vocabulary-building program that brings ALL the content of our famously clear, user-friendly Vocabulary Series directly to your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Download a complete brochure to learn more, or visit our Learning Center

Key Features of Vocabulary Plus


Independent Study (VPi):   A user-friendly, adaptive mode of Vocabulary Plus that individually assesses students and manages assignments. Suitable for classes and/or individual students, VPi dynamically adjusts difficulty to keep students challenged and motivated. And it rewards them too! Plus educators can view students' progress with a simple click. Learn more about VPi here.




Integrated eBooks: A subscription to Vocabulary Plus includes eBooks of all six texts in the TP Vocabulary Series. If you prefer the layout of a book and want to refer to content of a specific page, you can do so with a click. With Vocabulary Plus, the entire Vocabulary Series is at your fingertips!

Expanded Chapter Exercises for the six books in our Vocabulary Series. Depending on the titles, this includes anywhere from 6–8 interactive, instructive activities! Each includes item-specific feedback that helps students learn their new words.



Word Parts Chapters that teach prefixes, suffixes, and word roots. Students who learn these word parts will be better equipped to decipher the meanings of thousands of other words in which they appear.





Unit Reviews including crossword puzzles, analogies, and synonym and antonym activities adapted from the printed books.



Sentence Writing Activities, all new for Vocabulary Plus, allow students to compose sentences online to show their understanding of newly-learned words. Instructors can easily review and score these sentences online.



Online Tests: Two online tests, unique to the web and not found in our texts, are available for each chapter in Vocabulary Plus. With these tests,Vocabulary Plus actually offers more content than our books!




Enhanced Items: Items in Vocabulary Plus take advantage of new, upgraded technical capabilities. Sentence Check 2 and Final Check, for example, now offer more challenging answer choices. In addition, Vocabulary in Context items now provide students with two context sentences to help them infer each word’s meaning at the start of the chapter.


Review Words: Words taught in earlier chapters are reinforced later as Vocabulary Review words. These words include definitions to refresh students’ memories and help them retain the words they learned in previous chapters. In addition, SAT and GRE high-frequency words are given extra attention—an added real-world connection!




Audio and Visual Support: Each vocabulary word in Vocabulary Plus includes a pronunciation guide AND an audio link of the word being spoken. Click a word, and Vocabulary Plus will pronounce it for you. In addition, pictures are used to introduce many words. This visual context helps students better understand and remember vocabulary words. See for yourself!


Intuitive Controls: People who use our Learning Center remark about how user-friendly it is. Vocabulary Plus is just as simple to use. Try it today!


Detailed Score Reports: Teachers using Vocabulary Plus will be able to view precise details about student progress. Individual and group results are available and easily exported. In addition, you’ll be able to see the actual items students complete, the correct answers for each item (with explanations), and the answer choices students submitted. This useful data will allow you to focus class time on the specific skills that are challenging to your students.



Want to Know More?

Download a complete brochure or visit our Learning Center to explore Vocabulary Plus for your classes.

About the Word Lists in Vocabulary Plus

Vocabulary Plus teaches all of the more than 1,700 words covered in the TP Vocabulary Series. This includes the words found in the latest editions of Vocabulary BasicsGroundwork for a Better Vocabulary,Building Vocabulary SkillsImproving Vocabulary SkillsAdvancing Vocabulary Skills, and Advanced Word Power

Vocabulary Plus also teaches word parts--the prefixes, suffixes, and word roots--featured in chapters of Groundwork for a Better VocabularyBuilding Vocabulary SkillsImproving Vocabulary Skills, and Advancing Vocabulary Skills.  

In addition, Vocabulary Plus cross references GRE and SAT high-frequency word lists. Words likely to appear on these tests are highlighted throughout to give students an added real-world connection as they work. 

Want to review Vocabulary Plus? If you have an instructor account in our Learning Center, you have full access to Vocabulary Plus right now. Simply log in and click “Student View” and then select “Everything” (at the bottom of the page). You’ll see the full list of available assignments in the Vocabulary Series. Vocabulary Plus content will be marked clearly. You can also assign Vocabulary Plus to your students just as you would any other textbook assignments.

If you would like to review this material but don’t have an account, visit the
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 and follow the directions to create one. You can also see a
few sample items here
. Once your account has been verified, you’ll have Plus 
access too. Of course, if you have questions, call us at (888) 752-6410
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Supplementary Materials


Vocabulary Plus is a fully digital word-building program based on our popular Vocabulary Series. While Vocabulary Plus is meant to be self contained, there are supplements from the Vocabulary Series that can be used with it. They include:

•  eBooks. Vocabulary Plus includes complete eBooks of all nine books in the Vocabulary Series.  

•  Electronic Instructor’s Manuals and Test Banks. These downloadable supplements are available in the Learning Center. They feature a model syllabus and teaching suggestions for each Vocabulary Plus title. They also contain pretests and posttests, an extra mastery test for each chapter, and an extra unit test for each unit.

• PowerPoints. Also available in the Learning Center, these downloadable supplements accompany every chapter of every title in Vocabulary Plus.  They also make a nice centerpiece when you wish to devote class time to a particular chapter.

In addition, as part of the Learning Center, Vocabulary Plus gives educators a number of useful classroom features. This includes robust assignment controls, class management tools, and detailed individual and group score reports. If you'd like to know more, call Townsend Press toll-free at (888) 752-6410 or e-mail our customer service at cs@townsendpress.com.