Townsend Press Learning Center Gets Major Updates

October 6, 2021

We released a number of upgrades in the Learning Center today, and we’re excited to tell you about them! Here’s what we’ve done:


  1. We Enhanced Bluford eBooks. Starting today all Bluford Series ebooks feature integrated audio! Students can now choose to read their ebooks OR listen to them. In read-along mode, text is dynamically highlighted on each ebook page so students know exactly what's being read. Students can also adjust playback speed. The goal: to allow readers of all abilities to experience these engaging novels. See a quick demo.


  1. We Added Schedule View to Assignments. Assignments in the Learning Center can now be viewed by schedule—across all titles and content areas. In the past, assignments were displayed only by title. Now, with Schedule View, students' assignments are provided in a concise and easy-to-follow chronological list. Learn more in this video.


  1. We Expanded Class Settings. Item shuffling and answer explanation controls are now part of class settings, not account settings. This change allows classes to have their own unique preferences. In addition, teachers can now choose to show answer explanations for exercises, mastery tests, and (new with this release) alternate mastery tests. These new settings give educators greater flexibility and control in their Learning Center classes. Get details in this video.


  1. We Added the Ability to Accept Late Assignments. Teachers can now choose to allow assignments to be completed after their due date. This ability works well with practice exercises or in non-traditional classes in which schedule flexibility is important. Late assignments are marked with an "L" in score reports, letting educators decide whether and how lateness may impact grading. Provided by request from teachers, this new setting is optional and can be changed at any point during a class. Learn more in this video.


We hope you enjoy these new features. Townsend Press is proud to create tools that help you help students learn. We have a number of other upgrades and content enhancements in the works. Expect to hear more from us soon.