Bullying in Schools Plus—Site License (e-mailed)

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Bullying in Schools Plus—Site License (e-mailed)

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  • Author: Paul Langan
  • SKU/ISBN: 1-59194-518-6-SL
  • Year: 2017
  • Page count: 80
  • Reading level: 6-10
  • Lexile Level: 960
  • Availability: In stock
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This site license grants unlimited access to Bullying in Schools Plus for a period of ten months. Ideal for school districts and large institutional settings, this license supports an unlimited number of students and includes an eBook, freshened content, and a range of interactive digital assignments designed to reduce bullying in schools. See details below, or get a full brochure here.  

More information

• Compelling True Stories:  BIS includes real stories from students who have experienced bullying and cyberbullying. These vivid accounts allow students to discuss their personal feelings in the safe context of other people’s stories.

• Digital exclusive! Audio Vignettes: BIS Plus begins with powerful firsthand accounts of bullying, complete with voiceovers that allow students to read and listen. This pairing enhances their emotional experience and sets the stage for deeper learning. 

• Updated in BIS Plus! Cyberbullying Coverage: Both versions of BIS explore the dangers of cyberbullying and provide students with strategies to combat this growing problem—and promote Internet safety. 

• Digital exclusive! Role Playing Activities: Technology has created new spaces where bullying takes place. BIS Plus prepares students for digital encounters by simulating cyberbullying situations so students know how to respond.

• Practical "Hands-on" Strategies: BIS and BIS Plus are full of useful strategies for all students impacted by bullying. Realistic and respectful, these steps give young people positive actions they can take the next time bullying strikes.  

• Digital exclusive! Live Surveys: Surveys in BIS Plus ask students to think about their behavior and their use of technology. Results are tallied according to their class, their school, and the broader student population. 

• Writing Assignments: Paragraph, essay, and open-ended writing assignments invite students to reflect on their experiences and growing understanding of bullying. BIS Plus allows students to submit their written work electronically.

• Digital exclusive! Live Discussions: A series of engaging new cyberbullying assignments in BIS Plus require students to participate in an online forum with small group or class discussions.

• Reasonable Price: Individual price is just $1 per student—or $2 for both formats. A site license grants unlimited use of the digital form of Bullying in Schools for one school year (10 months).