Study Proves Ten Steps Books Work

Sunday, January 4, 2015

SEG Measurement, an independent research firm, announced the completion of a study of nearly 800 reading students in two- and four-year colleges and universities nationwide. Researchers found that students in classes using the Ten Steps Reading Series from Townsend Press showed greater improvement in reading than students in classes using other leading developmental reading textbooks.

“Students using the Townsend Press Ten Steps Reading Series outperformed students who used other textbooks on a nationally recognized standardized measure of reading,” said Scott Elliot, president of SEG Measurement. “Students using the Ten Steps Reading Series improved their reading skills significantly—the equivalent of at least 10 percentile points more than students who used other textbooks.”

“We know our texts help developmental reading students and struggling readers improve their reading skills. We also know we do it for a fraction of the cost of other books in the market,” said Paul Langan, Associate Editor at Townsend Press. “Still, it’s exciting to see this success quantified so convincingly.”

The controlled study compared student growth in reading skills between students using Townsend Press Ten Steps textbooks in college reading classes and a comparable group of students who used other leading developmental reading textbooks. Study participants were given a pretest at the beginning of the study to measure their reading skills before instruction and were given a reading skills posttest at the end of instruction. The study was conducted between August 2013 and December 2013.

Students in classes using the Ten Steps Reading Series achieved higher reading comprehension posttest scores (Mean=694) on a nationally recognized standardized measure of reading than did students in classes that adopted other widely-used textbooks (Mean=686). Students using Townsend’s Ten Steps books showed reading skill growth more than a quarter of a standard deviation greater than the control group using other books (Effect Size= .26). “This level of improvement has a very real impact, and can mean the difference between exiting non-credit developmental reading courses and not being able to exit,” said Scott Elliot.

About the Townsend Press Ten Steps Series 

Widely adopted in high schools and colleges across the country, the Townsend Press Ten Steps Reading Series is a sequence of textbooks that grow more popular with each passing year. Each book presents ten key skills that help students become more effective readers. Distinctive features of the Ten Steps Series include abundant practice, a clear and friendly tone, high-interest readings, helpful visuals, free online exercises and tests, PowerPoint presentations, and very reasonable prices. The books can be used as part of a sequential reading program, or any one book can be used independently of the others. Visit to learn how Townsend Press can help your students make powerful progress in reading and in other Language Arts.

About SEG Measurement

SEG Measurement is a leading provider of efficacy research and assessment development services. SEG believes that every student has the right to an evidence-based education. For 35 years, SEG has been providing assessment and research services and is located in New Hope, Pennsylvania.