Want students to think and write clearly? We can help.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Want students to think and write clearly? We can help.




Introducing Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e

New from John Langan, Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e, teaches students to think and write with clarity and power. Featuring a friendly tone, abundant practice, and hands-on high-interest assignments, Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e, is suited to aspiring and incoming college students reading at grade level 8 and up. 


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And its Digital Companion . . . English Plus

The most comprehensive collection of digital resources ever offered by Townsend Press to teach English grammar and writing skills. Expanded for 2019, English Plus upgrades and replaces English Essentials Plus, bringing a number of new features to your fingertips! Educators can access this material for free in the Learning Center with an instructor account. 


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Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e, also includes a FREE video lesson that teaches students the idea of making and supporting a point. We invite you to use it in your classes. Check out this introductory lesson about making and supporting a point. This video is included in the digital resources available for Clear Thinking and Writing, 2/e.

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