Vocabulary Update!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020



Townsend Press Vocabulary News 


Update 1: All Printed Books Have Been Updated! 

If you've recently requested a desk copy or placed an order for Vocabulary Basics, 3/eGroundwork for a Better Vocabulary, 5/e; or Mastering Vocabulary Skills, your shipment is on its way! 

Basics, 3/e

Grade Level: 5–6 
© 2019 | $11.90
Improving Vocabulary
Skills, 5/e

Grade Level: 10–11
© 2018 | $11.90
Groundwork for a Better Vocabulary
Grade Level: 7–8
© 2019 | $11.90
Advancing Vocabulary
Skills, 5/e

Grade Level: 11–12
© 2018 | $11.90
Vocabulary Skills, 5/e
Grade Level: 9–10
© 2018 | $11.90
Grade Level: 12+
© 2019 | $11.90

Update 2: Vocabulary Plus Has Been Updated! 

Vocabulary Plus digital content has been updated in the Learning Center to match the new material in our printed books.

Here's What's New in the Books and Vocabulary Plus:

Hundreds of new items: The latest edition vocabulary titles feature brand new sentence items, revised/updated context clues, and in many cases, entirely new passages.


Photos added to chapter readings: Final Check activities in this and all new edition vocabulary texts now feature full color images to add context and interest for visual learners.


Broader, more universal appeal: 
TP's Vocabulary Series was originally developed for college students in the early 1990's. Updated regularly, the series remains popular in colleges but is also used in adult literacy centers, and increasingly, in middle and high schools. Recognizing this broadening audience, our editors have carefully calibrated each new edition to feature material suited to readers of all ages. The result? Improved content in each activity, chapter, test, and unit review for all titles—making the series better than ever!

Re-sequenced items: This and all new edition vocabulary titles have had test and practice answers shuffled and re-sequenced. This effort invalidates answers posted online and discourages cheating. Answers in Vocabulary Plus have also been updated (and feature their own shuffle capability).


Want to Learn More?


For more details about our Vocabulary Series or Vocabulary Plus, email us at support@townsendpress.com. You can also call us at (888) 752-6410 on weekdays between 9AM and 6PM Eastern time. We look forward to hearing from you!