Voices and Values, 2/e

Voices and Values, 2/e

Author: Janet M. Goldstein / John Langan

ISBN/SKU: 978-1-59194-443-0

Year: 2015

Page Count: 480

Reading Level: 9-12

Lexile Level: 1000L


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For your reading and writing classes . . .
essays that touch the heart


Educators may request a free desk copy here.

Key Features

Readings that celebrate human values

Timely, engaging, thought-provoking essays celebrate old-fashioned human values in a style that never preaches. For example, in the first selection, “The Blind Vet,” an author describes the despair and helplessness felt by an injured veteran and the steps he took to regain his independence. The story becomes an argument for the importance of perseverance—never giving up despite the odds—and the need for love and compassion. Other essays cover such values as gratitude, personal growth, fairness, responsibility, kindness, courage, common sense, and moderation.

High-quality activities

Accompanying the selections is a series of activities that will help students improve their reading, thinking, and writing skills. Activities include:

• freewriting topics
• discussion questions
• vocabulary questions
• paragraph assignments
• reading comprehension questions
• essay assignments

Sample topic sentences and thesis statements, along with specific suggestions for providing support, help students to succeed on the writing assignments. Finally, fifteen additional assignments ask students to read two of the essays and write a paper based on both.


The book would be ideal for a reading/writing course. It can also be used as a core text in a reading course or as a reader in a writing course covering paragraphs, essays, or both.

Handy supplements

An annotated Instructor’s Edition of the book includes answers and explanations, making the book very easy for teachers to use. Available at TP’s online Learning Center are teaching suggestions, answers to the Vocabulary and Reading Checks, suggested answers to the discussion questions, guided writing assignments, and five additional readings.