The Advanced Reading-Writing Connection

The Advanced Reading-Writing Connection

Author: John Langan

ISBN/SKU: 978-1-59194-425-6

Year: 2014

Page Count: 472

Reading Level: 9-13

Lexile Level: 1210L (average)


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An advanced reading and writing text for your developmental classes

The Advanced Reading-Writing Connection, by John Langan, features his famously clear and user-friendly approach—a pedagogy that has propelled countless students to success in the classroom and beyond! Featuring more advanced readings and practice materials than The Reading-Writing Connection, this new book includes a model research paper and a guide to writing a research paper using sources. Suitable for advanced reading and writing classes, the book teaches students, in a step-by-step way, the skills they need to think, read, and write with clarity.

Educators may request a free desk copy here.

Key Features of The Advanced Reading-Writing Connection

Emphasis on clear thinking.

A basic truth at the heart of both the reading process and the writing process is that any thoughtful communication of ideas has two basics parts: (1) a point that is made and (2) the support for that point. As students work their way through this book, they will learn to apply the principle of point and support. They are encouraged when reading an essay to look for a central idea as well as for the reasons, examples, and other details that support that idea. They are reminded when writing to follow the same basic principle—to make a point and then provide support for that point. And they discover that clear thinking involves both recognizing ideas and deciding whether there is solid support for those ideas.

Frequent practice.

Abundant practice is essential to learning, so this book includes numerous reading and writing activities. Each of the fifteen readings that make up Part Two is followed by a sequence of activities: first impresssions/freewriting, a vocabulary and comprehension check, discussion questions, and paragraph and essay assignments.

High interest level.

Dull and unvaried exercises, assignments, and readings work against learning. Students need to experience genuine interest in the materials that they read and the assignments that they write. Everything in the book, including the fifteen readings in Part Two, has been chosen not only for the appropriateness of its reading and writing levels but also for its compelling content.

Ease of use.

The logical sequence in the chapters—from explanation to example to practice to mastery test—helps make the skills easier for instructors to teach and for students to learn.

Integration of skills.

After learning the connections between reading and writing skills in Part One, students go on to apply the skills to the reading selections and writing assignments in Part Two. Through a great deal of practice in using reading and writing skills, they become more effective readers and writers.

Friendliness of tone.

As is the case with all of John Langan’s books, The Advanced Reading-Writing Connection is written in a friendly tone, with a helpful voice that never condescends to students.

Instructor’s edition.

An annotated Instructor’s Edition is identical to the student book except that it provides answers to all the practices and tests, as well as comments on most answers.

Online Supplements.

PowerPoint presentations and web-based tests and assignments are available in the Townsend Press Learning Center, a robust online resource for students and educators using our books. Visit for details.