Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills, 5/e

Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills, 5/e

Author: John Langan

ISBN/SKU: 1-59194-200-4

Year: 2010

Page Count: 708

Reading Level: 9-13


Weight: 2.200

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Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills, Fifth Edition, is one of the most popular books in the Ten Steps college reading skills series. It can be used as either a core or an advanced developmental reading text.

Key Features


• Focus on the Basics: Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills explains in an extremely clear, step-by-step way the ten skills most needed for literal and critical reading comprehension. Many examples, practices, tests, and comments are provided to ensure that students understand and master each skill. In general, the focus is on teaching the skills, not just on explaining or testing them.

• High Interest Level: The readings in the book have been chosen not only for the appropriateness of their reading level but also for their compelling content. They should engage teachers and students alike. Your students will never be bored by the practice materials in this or any other TP book.

• Integration of Skills: Students do more than learn the skills individually in Part I. They also learn to apply the skills together through the reading selections in Parts I and II as well as through the combined-skills tests in Part III. They become effective readers and thinkers by means of a good deal of practice in applying a combination of skills.

• Clarity and Friendliness: Exceptional clarity has always been a hallmark of John Langan’s books—in the step-by-step explanations for each skill, in the logically sequenced materials, and even in the care given to the questions and answer choices in the activities. Countless teachers have praised the friendly and helpful tone of John Langan’s books—a tone that never condescends to students. This revised book is no exception. In addition, the human content of the paragraphs and longer selections will definitely appeal to you and your students.

• Helpful Supplements.

 • Online Exercises: At the end of each skill chapter, an icon is used to refer students to online exercises that both teach and test the skill. See for yourself how user-friendly they are. Just click “Online Learning Center,” and then click on “Try TP’s Exercises.”

• An Instructor's Edition is identical to the student text except that it also provides hints for instructors, answers to all the practices and tests, and-a greatly expanded feature in this edition- helpful comments on these answers. The annotations are the kind that any good teacher would come up with after a semester or two of teaching the book. The annotations mean that even last-minute adjunct teachers can use the book and do a creditable job of teaching a course.

• A combined Instructor's Manual and Test Bank includes suggestions for teaching the course, a model syllabus, a complete answer key, and readability levels and writing activities for the reading selections. The test bank contains four additional mastery tests for each of the ten skills and four additional combined-skills tests-- all on letter-sized sheets so they can be copied easily for use with students.

• Price and Service: This full-color book sells for a net price of $29. College bookstores then typically add 33% for their profit. No competing publisher matches the prices of TP books. Our goal has always been to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price.  Note: Printed supplements are available at no charge to instructors adopting the text in quantities of 20 or more. Use of our Online Learning Center is FREE.

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• eBook Options: This Ten Steps book is now available as an eBook from the following vendors: Barnes and Noble, Chegg, CourseSmart, and CafeScribe.

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