Ten Steps Plus LE / Limited Edition (emailed)

Ten Steps Plus LE / Limited Edition (emailed)

Author: John Langan

ISBN/SKU: 978-1-59194-490-4e

Year: 2016

Page Count: Provides limited access to digital material to accompany the TEN STEPS series.

Reading Level: 5-13


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A 4-month digital subscription to Ten Steps Plus LE. A code is delivered by e-mail that grants students limited access to premium electronic assignments in the Learning Center. This includes the Readings Bank, Skills Bank, and exercises and tests for Ten Steps series textbooks. eBooks are NOT included with Ten Steps Plus LE.


Assignments accompany the entire series of Ten Steps texts: Groundwork for College Reading, 5/e, Groundwork for College Reading with Phonics, 5/e, Ten Steps to Building College Reading Skills, 6/e, Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills, 6/e, Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills, 6/e, and Ten Steps to Advanced Reading, 2/e


Key Features of the Learning Center and Ten Steps Plus LE:


College Reading Assessments

These assess students’ specific skills and provide meaningful data that can inform class instruction. 

Thousands of Interactive Items

Each item includes helpful annotations that effectively teach the reading skills students need to learn. 

Integrated Mastery Tests 

Written by the author of the text, these tests feature the same clarity and friendly tone found in each Ten Steps text. They are also seamlessly linked to the skills taught in the books.

Open-Ended Assignments

New to the Learning Center and available in Ten Steps Plus LE, these include writing prompts and hosted discussions for Townsend Library titles, allowing students to interact with readings and with classmates to facilitate learning.


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