Ten Skills You Really Need To Succeed in School

ten skills you need to succeed in school

Author: John Langan

ISBN/SKU: 0-944210-08-2

Year: 2001

Page Count: 219

Reading Level: 7-12


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Ten Skills You Really Need to Succeed in School clearly explains to students the reading, writing, and thinking skills needed for success in school. It also provides a number of hands-on activities at the end of each chapter so that students can learn through doing. At the same time, the book personalizes the skills by including photos and testimonials of a number of multicultural college students and graduates. Seeing their pictures and reading their comments will help students realize that the skills presented are ones that really work. This version of the book is available to middle and secondary schools only. The college version of the book is available through McGraw-Hill Higher Education (www.mhhe.com or 800-338-3987).

An Interview with the Author about the Book's Key Features:

Q: What prompted this book?

John Langan: As mentor to an inner-city student for five years, I became aware of the enormous challenges that teachers and students face in overcrowded, underfunded public schools. And as a former college teacher, I could see that one thing students needed was a lot of reading and writing enrichment. Too many students are graduating from high school with limited reading and writing skills—and it is these skills, as well as motivational skills, that are the keys to success in today's world. Ten Skills is designed to help high school students develop the reading, writing, and motivational skills they need to do well in school and in their careers.

Q: What is unique about Ten Skills?

JL: It’s one of the few books on the market that uses photos and testimonials of actual college students and graduates to reinforce reading, writing, and motivational skills. Feedback we've received on Ten Skills shows that public school students respond very positively to the visual dimension of the book.

Q: Where can the book be used?

JL: Before teaching developmental college courses, I was a middle- and high-school English and reading teacher. I see Ten Skills being used in both English and reading classrooms in any grade from 7 through 12.

Q: Why is the book so inexpensive?

JLTen Skills is a 200-page book that sells for $5. Doing a non-profit book is Townsend Press' chance to support teachers in their uphill battle to educate students despite difficult conditions.

Q: Are there any additional teaching supplements for Ten Skills?

JL: A combined Instructor's Guide and Answer Key is available to teachers who use the book. In addition to providing answers to the book's activities, this guide provides suggested methods for using the book in the classroom.