Middle Grade Fiction Collection (7 books)

Middle Grade Fiction Collection (7 books)

Author: Various


Year: 2016

Page Count: 854

Reading Level: 3-6

Lexile Level: 550L-780L


Weight: 2.750

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Want students to read more? So do we. That's why we created the Townsend Library—a collection of more than a hundred high-interest paperbacks that engage and entice readers.


As a convenience to educators, we've bundled related Townsend Library books into collections that allow you to easily extend your classroom offerings or deepen your coverage of a specific genre or topic. 


Books in this collection are intended for readers in grades 3-6.

The Middle Grade(s) Fiction Collection includes one copy of each of the books listed below (7 books total).  To learn more about a particular book, click its title.

From Best Friend to Bully by Tanya Savory

Lost on the Mountain by Mark Thomas

Nibbles and the Crazy Science Experiment by Barbara Stavetski

Rebounding by Kate Fagan

Scary Stories by Tanya Savory

Second Wind by Kate Fagan

Swamp Curse by Tanya Savory