English Essentials, Short Version

english essentials short version

Author: John Langan

ISBN/SKU: 1-59194-104-0

Year: 2010

Page Count: 222

Reading Level: 6-12


Weight: 1.350

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In English Essentials, Short Version, you'll find the clear guidance students need to help master key grammar, punctuation, and usage skills.

Key Features


1) It’s easy to use. The book is divided into three parts. Part One focuses on fourteen basic writing skills, and Part Two offers more in-depth information about these and other skills. Part Three provides a helpful review of parts of speech and effective dictionary use. You’ll be able to direct your students quickly to the particular skill you want them to work on.

2) It makes grammar skills simple to master. A one-page skill review opens each chapter in Part One. As you go through that review, you’ll find out whether your students need further help with that skill. If they do, the pages that follow will teach students what they need to know and provide practice and tests so that they can learn in the best possible way—through doing.

3) It’s down to earth. Lively and engaging examples and practice materials will help maintain student interest throughout the book.

4) It's affordable. The net price of this 232-page book is only $8.00—a price that recognizes the economic challenges of these times. The goal of Townsend Press has always been to provide the highest quality books at the lowest possible prices.