City Stories

City Stories

Author: Larissa Phillips

ISBN/SKU: 978-1-59194-494-2

Year: 2017

Page Count: 236

Reading Level: 1-3


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An illustrated collection of stories for adult beginning readers.


Few reading materials are written for adult basic literacy students. As a result, adults learning to read are often forced to do so using books created for young children. This practice can leave adult students feeling belittled, frustrated, or even a bit embarrassed. City Stories aims to correct this problem.

City Stories is a collection of lively and engaging stories for adult basic literacy students. Crafted for adult students reading at the 1-3 grade level, City Stories, features:

• 24 individual narratives on four levels of increasing difficulty.

• Topics and situations which appeal to an adult audience: parenting, jobs, education, immigration, ambitions, and dreams, to name a few.

• Fun, uplifting, high-interest stories students will enjoy.

• Structured exposure to new vocabulary words and idiomatic expressions in a context suited to adult learners.

• A collection appropriate for use in a wide variety of ESL programs, including those following the Orton-Gillingham Approach.