Advanced Word Power, 2/e, with Vocabulary Plus

Advanced Word Power, 2/e, with Vocabulary Plus

Author: Beth Johnson

ISBN/SKU: 978-1-59194-454-6

Year: 2014

Page Count: 198

Reading Level: 12-14


Weight: 1.200

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Advanced Word Power, 2/e is the most advanced text in the Townsend Press Vocabulary Series. It teaches 300 essential words suitable for advanced developmental college students,

PLUS it includes a 10-month subsciption to Vocabulary Plus!

Key Features

An Intensive Words-in-Context Approach.  Studies show that students learn words best by seeing them repeatedly in different contexts, not through rote memorization. The books present each word in at least ten different contexts.  Every encounter increases the chance that a word will become part of a student's permanent word bank.

Abundant Practice.  In addition to the extensive practice in each chapter, there are unit tests and a crossword puzzle review. Moreover, most chapters repeat words from earlier chapters, allowing for even more reinforcement. And there are added tests in the Test Bank and the Online Learning Center that come with each book. All this practice means that students learn in the best possible way: by working closely and repeatedly with each word. 

Common Core Aligned: TP’s Vocabulary Series is a comprehensive, research-based approach to vocabulary instruction aligned with the Common Core Standards for Vocabulary in Grades 6-12. Each book in the series presents vocabulary words in multiple contexts, giving students ample practice in determining “the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text.” In addition, the words-in-context approach requires students to actively figure out definitions though analysis using explicit or inferred meaning—a benchmark of the Common Core.* Looking for a Common Core aligned program to improve students’ vocabulary for success in school and beyond? With TP's Vocabulary Series, you've got it. *Common Core Standards RL.6.4, 7.4, 8.4, 9-10.4, 11-12.4

Appealing Content.  Dull practice materials work against learning. The lively content and clear and friendly style of the books make learning easier for students.

Emphasis on Key Words.  
In creating the Vocabulary Series, our editors combined teaching experience with a number of word frequency lists to determine the best words for each book. The result is a core of essential words, sequenced in order of difficulty, that are most helpful for students to know.

Realistic Pricing.  The books offer the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price: each of the 300-word books sells for $11.90 net (or $16.90 with Vocabulary Plus). These modest prices mean that the books can serve as inexpensive supplements for any reading or writing course.

Outstanding Supplements.  Free supplements to adopters include a Vocabulary Placement Test, an Instructor's Edition, a combined Instructor's Manual and Test Bank, and online exercises that teach as well as test.